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Now Available The George Winners Website

Welcome to my new website! After a lot of hard work and many changes, we finally have this thing up and running.

I know there are many things you could be doing right now, but you took the time to visit, and I am so happy to see all of your smiling faces. While you are here, you will have the opportunity to get to know me and learn more about my long journey as a magazine cartoonist.

I have been at this for over 50 years and, during that time, have drawn over 15,000 cartoons. I have heard from many younger cartoonists who have told me how my work has influenced them on their journey to becoming professional cartoonists. Believe me, nothing warms my old heart more than that. If there is anything this world could use more of, it's cartoonists.

So, today I am offering anyone who would like to own an original WINNERS cartoon the chance to do just that. I said ORIGINAL because I believe if you are going to collect a piece of art from an artist, it should be an original, the real thing, and not a print. However, if a print is what you want, you can find that and many other items in the shop.

I have so many of my cartoons on file from my many years as a cartoonist, and I would love to share them with my many fans and friends. So, if you see something that you like while you are looking around on Facebook, say something. As you can see, there is a lot of great merchandise here. So, load up your cart! I will be adding lots more stuff to the site as time goes on.

I hope all of you enjoyed your visit to my website, and please spread the word. Come back to see me! We are constantly adding new cartoons that you can purchase on a variety of merchandise. Join our e-mail list to stay updated.

If you see a cartoon I posted in the past, and you would like to buy the original or have it printed on an item, email me a photo of the cartoon at and we will get it added to the shop.

Thanks for your continued support!


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