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Cartoon Chronicles: Drawing Smiles and Unveiling Stories

A while back, I shared on my Facebook page that, in my extensive career as a cartoonist, I've never encountered one cartoonist who wasn't a pleasant individual. To my surprise, many of you chimed in, revealing that there are indeed a few cartoonists out there who aren't as friendly.

Now, I'm not naive enough to believe that every cartoonist is a saint in the world of drawing. They're people too, right? Personally, I've been fortunate – all the cartoonists I've crossed paths with have been fantastic individuals.

Let's step up our game and support each other better. Instead of grumbling about the industry, let's put more effort into finding fresh opportunities. Change is unstoppable, but we can cut back on the complaints and focus on working harder to make the most of it. I'm burning the midnight oil every day, striving to catch up and stay ahead – care to join me?


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